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Association Management


Transition to Owner Control

We have the resources, experience and expertise to usher you through transition to owner control in accordance with your governing documents, and with maximum communication, cooperation and integrity throughout the process.


Administrative Services

ASI can work with you to ensure your governing documents are in order and initiate set up of your association. This can include opening new bank accounts, working with title companies on closings, communicating with realtors on assessment fees, restrictions, etc.


Fiscal Management

ASI has earned a reputation for integrity by adhering strictly to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We have more than 12 years of experience setting up and maintaining owner and vendor accounts and databases.


HOA Consulting

Need help setting up a new HOA, planned community or condominium association? Take advantage of the expertise of the team with the most experience and the highest standards and credentials in the region.


Why Choose ASI as Your Partner?


The only accredited management company in Idaho

Association Services, Inc. (ASI), is currently the only Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) in the state. Also members of Community Association Institute (CAI), a prestigious, international organization that maintains a strict code of professional standards and ethics.


Over 50 Years of experience

Our dedicated team has more than 50 years of HOA management experience, established since 2006, and they work hard to help you make your community the best it can be.


Bonded and Insured

Members of Community Association Institute (CAI), a prestigious, international organization that maintains a strict code of professional standards and ethics.


80+ clients

80+ clients that are complex mixed-use communities with amenities such as marinas, clubhouses, parks, gates and water utilities.


What Our Clients Say

I was the president of two Mill River homeowner’s associations when they went from developer control to homeowner control. One was managed by ASI and the other fired its management company and hired ASI. ASI staff is highly qualified and professionally ensures all the association’s controlling documents and laws are followed. In addition, they offer an a la carte type of contract that allows each association to choose the level of service it desires. Finally, we never had a kerfuffle that did not get resolved when we called Sherry. Great organization!

Chet Gaede

Our HOA has had a relationship with ASI for several years and have always received prompt and professional service. If you are looking for a property management company that will provide excellent service to your Board of Directors, Architectural Review Committee or homeowners, look no further.
Their team is extremely knowledgeable of state and federal laws pertaining to HOAs and does an excellent job with fiscal management, budgeting, dues billing /collections and responding to homeowner inquiries/concerns.

Joe Porcello


Frequently Asked

What is a “Management Company” and what do they do?

A management company is contracted by the Board of Directors to provide such services as: Collection of assessments, supervision of subcontractors, obtaining bids for subcontracted services, providing financial statements and collection reports, assist with annual board meetings, election of new officers, etc. The management company reports directly to the Board of Directors and all decisions are made by the majority vote of the Board.

What should I look for in an Association Manager?

An Association Manager is your resource for better understanding your community and it’s governance.  You should feel comfortable and confident that your Association Manager will hear your concerns, investigate them, and get back to you in a timely manner with a well-researched response.  A quality manager will have a thorough knowledge of your community’s governing documents and maintenance obligations and do their best to communicate those factors to owners and Board members while conducting themselves with an unbiased and professional demeanor.

Is Association Services accepting new communities?

Fill out the REQUEST PROPOSAL form to see if we are accepting new clients and if we would be a good fit.

What Now?

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