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HOA Services

In order to better serve your community, Association Services, Inc., will provide your association with the personalized service expected and deserved by all of our clients. With our services, we offer our associations solid ethics, professionalism, and outstanding administrative support.  
Our Services include:
  • Maintain current and archival database of ownership/lot records
  • Handle all owner's property transfers with title companies and mortgage companies
  • Maintain and update all records of the Association's governing documents (CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations)
  • Coordinate board/owner meetings and election processes, including verifying proxies
  • Prepare related business correspondence
  • Advise and assist Board of Directors in establishing consistent policies and procedures
  • Provide leadership for Board members regarding their roles and responsibilities
  • Publish & distribute quarterly newsletters
  • Provide welcome packet to new property owners
  • Prepare notices of CC&R violations
Fiscal Management
  • Prepare and mail or send electronically owner's invoice assessments (annual, quarterly, monthly)
  • Prompt handling of all property owners accounting inquires
  • Assessment collection and bank deposits in appropriate accounts(s) as required by the Board of Directors and its governing documents
  • Receipt, review and processing of vendor invoices for payment
  • Prepare and deliver monthly financial reports to the Association's Board of Directors by the 15th of each month
    • Monthly bank statements (reconciled to account system) for Operating and Reserves
    • Income & Expense YTD and monthly reports
    • Budget comparison vs. actual report
    • Balance comparison sheet
    • Vendor transactions
    • A/R Aging report and detail information on collection status
  • Prepare year-end financial reports for annual budget review
  • Assist in preparation of annual budget(s)
  • Provide documents for association tax return to an assigned CPA
Common Area Area/Association's Assets
  • Vendor bid package for Board approval.  Collect and process bids for maintenance (landscaping, snow removal, repairs, capital improvements, etc.)
  • Perform bi-monthly site inspections of common areas and individual lots
  • Prepare and send violation notification reports to Board of Directors (detailed and with photos when necessary)
  • Maintain and provide Board of Directors with update maintenance report of all common area amenities as outlined in the CC&Rs
  • Assist Reserves Study Specialist on required documents and information of the association amenities of common areas
Other Services provided
  • Coordinate the filing and releasing of liens with the County
  • Provide statements of accounts to mortgage lenders, title or insurance companies
  • Prepare and mail notices to owners for Special Meetings and other
  • Attend monthly board meetings to support the Board of Directors
  • Record and type board meeting minutes at the Board's request
  • Special projects