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Meet our Staff

Meet our Staff
At Association Services, Inc., our dedicated staff are ready and eager to assist you with your HOA questions and concerns.  Any of our staff members may be reached by calling our office at (208) 676-8626.  If you would like to send an email to one of our managers, please click on the email address below their photograph.
Association Management Team
   Sherry Lenarz, CMCA,      Denise Tuttle                Jan Gera, CMCA, AMS       Laura White, CMCA                 AMS                               Executive Assistant       Senior Account Manager    Senior Account Manager
               Ben Weaver, CMCA, AMS,               Joleen Norcini, ARM,                      Tyson Kaestner
               PCAM                                           AIC, AIS                                       Community Facilities
               Senior Account Manager                Account Manager                           Manager
Fiscal Management Team
               Robyn Haaland                                Megan George                             Jamie Patton
               Fiscal Manager                                Accounting Assistant                     Accounting Assistant
Support Staff
               Michelle George                              Wendy Stephenson                       Jan Cook
               Senior Account Coordinator              Account Coordinator                     Administrative Assistant